Game Center Blows

so freaking hard.

I guess I’m endangering my chances of being featured on the app store but since it seems like that’s never going to happen I’m going to speak from the heart. ❤️

Why is game center so damn awful. I mean it’s impressively awful.

Apple forcibly deleted the game center app from everyone’s phone if that’s any indication of how bad things have gotten. Honestly, I really don’t care about looking at leaderboards but it does improve user engagement with your game. So I’m forced to wrestle with game center every time I develop something.

The ordering mostly doesn’t work.

bad ordering

bad ordering

Compare these images.. See anything strange here? The ordering seems to always warp or change after I save it. Theres a lack of immediate feedback too. When you re-order and check your app nothing happens. You have no idea if it’s ever going to work or not.

Weird remnants from the “sandbox” days

When you had a development version of your game you were not able use a production leaderboard. You had to make sandbox users and sign in as them in order to see a sandbox leaderboard. The leaderboards themselves used to go through a review process and it was weird and complicated. You were never sure if your leaderboard would show up on production until you were on production. I remember submitting a version of Kill Sector that was crashing on launch because I was incorrectly connecting to the production version of game center 😩

So Apple was smart and did away with all that. Now there are no sandbox users and we are always connecting to the production version of leaderboards.. Kind of.


These are leaderboards that are in my current game Mega Hasan. They are in fact “live” but for some reason they work in a “not live” status and I’m scared to mess with it.

Other Issues

The lack of responsiveness makes you question whether anything is working. When you delete test data there’s no confirmation and it won’t happen right away. It can actually take up to 24 hours.

I can’t remove production leaderboards but since some of my stuff is stuck in “not live” now.. maybe I can? I’m not sure.

If you google game center issues you’ll see most peoples’ solutions for these kinds of problems are to wait a few days and come back .. and maybe do some praying. It’s impressive such a widely used system could work so badly across the board.

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