Some Things I Hate

list of the day

  • When people at work say “see you next year!” on new years eve.
  • Comic book movies. They just make the same movie 100 times and people still go see it.
  • When you signal and people immediately speed up to block you.
  • How people like to be sneaky and slip bacon into everything.
  • How people always spell my name Tameen instead of Tameem. Two Ms with some vowels in between fries most peoples’ brains.
  • People doing jiu jitsu who exhale into my face with their awful breath.
  • Raw tomatoes in my food.
  • People laughing overly hard at non-funny things.
  • People who walk by and tell you to smile. I smile when I want to smile. It’s my face back off.
  • When my cat bites my toes for no apparent reason.
  • How unnecessarily hairy my arms and legs are.
  • When I have to poop right before training. I have to really rush my pooping session so I don’t miss all the sparring.
  • How people keep pet birds in cages. They have a freaking super power; they are able to fly and you keep them in jail.
  • People who say “we” when referring to their favorite sports teams. You are fat and did not help them win in any way.
  • People who interview you for dev jobs and act like they’re launching rockets into space. You’re building a bunch of CRUD apps, calm down.
  • Long meetings with no purpose other than to make people feel important.
  • The word cyber. Cyber-space, cyber-security.. all dumb.
  • Disneyland
  • Having flashbacks of embarassing or unpleasant times in life.
  • People who are unadventurous or have boring taste in food.

Stay tuned for more.

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