Bosnian Pizza

I guess it's a thing

I’m always happy to try some new halal pizza variety. For some reason with both pizza and breakfast food people only want to use pork as the single source of protein. It’s fun to go to a halal restaurant and order all the “pepperoni” and “bacon” items and feel like you’re being naughty. I crashed into this place Sofra Urbana over the weekend. Since it was ramadan my wife and I ordered more food than we normally would and proceeded to eat until we were uncomfortably full.

I got this Slovenian soda which was pretty good but sorta flat. Which I guess isn’t bad. Sometimes that soda burn sensation isn’t always what you’re going for.


The sofra urbana pizza had some smoked sausage and lettuce. It was nice to get some meat on pizza for once. It was really good and my favorite item that we ordered.


Then there was Chevapi pronounced chevapee that is basically really good meatballs stuffed in some really good bread. There were onions in there too which would usually offend me but it was fine. It came with this nice cucumber yogurt dipping sauce. This was my wifes favorite item. I liked it a lot too but I think I like a little more stuff in my sandwich.


Lastly we got some cheese borek which is a hot cheese pastry type thing. It has a crispy crust and some hot cheese on the inside. Since basically anything with bread and melted cheese is good this couldn’t really miss. By this time we couldn’t finish the whole thing but I boxed it up and ate it later on.


Overall pretty solid.

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