Best Movie Trailers

Usually better than the movies themselves..


Ugh, for some reason Warner Bros uploaded this in 240p. This trailer got me super pumped for a movie that ended up being so-so.. The music along with the crazy visuals and muddy brown color scheme looked really interesting. Whenever you read through history you’ll come across epic battles that seem realistically impossible. 300 was cool for tackling this by turning those kinds of battles into a mix between fantasy and actual history. The movie itself was kinda cheesy though 😬

Mad Max

Not sure I’ve ever watched a movie trailer this much. The music along with the non-stop crazy driving still gets my heart pumping every time I watch it. I didn’t love this movie as much as I thought I would.. but then I watched it again with subtitles and enjoyed it way more. I think I found the Australian accents a little hard to understand without the subtitles. The stunt work in this movie is incredible and there is really no way to substitute it with stupid CG crap people use in all the movies.

Force Awakens

I grew up on Star Wars. I think what really got me hooked on it was when I played Tie Fighter on my brother’s old PC. I liked the way Star Wars portrayed space technology in this almost primitive minimalist way. The millennium falcon was always about to break apart and x-wings seemed to be cobbled together in rebel garages. It was cool. Then George Lucas made those new movies and sanded all the edges off the Star Wars universe. It made me want to vomit.

This trailer got me excited because it seemed like Star Wars was coming back to its roots. It gave me hope that this would be the real continuation of the story vs the stupid piece of garbage George Lucas had given us years prior. Ultimately I think the trailer was better than the movie itself. Even though this movie disappointed me it at least gave me hope they could do better with the next ones.

Sin City

I hadn’t heard of Sin City up until a friend directed me to this trailer. I liked the trailer so much that I ended up reading all the comics. When I saw the movie I noticed that the angles the movie was shot from completely matched the comics which made it feel like I was watching a living version of the comics. I think it’s definitely an under appreciated movie that still looks amazing years later.

Honorable Mention: Prometheus

Everyone takes a dump on this movie but they’re stupid. The movie is great. There are few sci fi horror movies out there and this one does it right. I love how the alien universe represents space as a place that wants to kill you in all kinds of horrible and interesting ways. Plus, it has monsters that burst out of your chest. The trailer captures the freakiness of the movie really well. This is a movie that I force people to watch and judge them harshly if they don’t enjoy it.

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